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We are an investment company with a reputation for offering the best-performing UK and international property investments to both first time and experienced investors, leading with our product offering by pioneering new areas and asset classes backed by our own independent research and due diligence.

Professional, on-going service is at the centre of everything we do, offering any property investor in-depth guidance tailored to suit individual investment needs. Before bringing a product to market, we diligently scrutinise each and every one of our developments to minimise the potential risks and continue to provide sound economic returns for our customers. 

Something else we believe sets Big Roar apart is our staff. We focus a lot of time and effort on recruiting, training and nurturing what we believe is the best team in the industry. Transparency and trust are vital, so we present the facts as they are and let our customers choose what is right for them. We understand that every investor has different needs so you will not find a hard sell approach when dealing with us.

When it comes to buying an investment property, Big Roar can help you every step of the way.

Our experience

Located in London, The Midlands, Hong Kong, Dubai and British Virgin Islands,   Big Roar has been operating successfully since late 2015, our key personnel have decades of experience in property, investment and technology.

Our team has already been able to help many hundreds of investors fulfil their property investment ambitions, delivering returns that far exceed global averages. Investors in our community enjoy high rates of success in their property deals — in other words, Big Roar deals are more likely to move from an offer through to a sale. This saves our investors substantial time, money and frustration.

Our ever-growing portfolio

As well as sourcing properties for our community of investors, over the years we have also continued to grow our own property portfolio. 

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