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Commercial property is the backbone of most major property portfolios; especially for professional and institutional investors. Despite the obvious attractiveness, direct ownership of commercial property is difficult for individual investors due to the fact that the values are usually so high. However, when looking at exciting emerging markets and smaller property sizes, investment can be affordable.

Commercial property typically offers long term, stable rents with excellent covenants. Commercial customers often sign up for multi-year fully repairing leases which mean more of the rent falls to the bottom line of the landlord.

Also, this asset class taps in directly to the economic health of a country and regular upward only rent reviews mean that landlords can benefit from increasing rents without the downside risk of changing tenant.

A unique development, 30% below market value!


30% Below Market Value

Historic aesthetic

3.8 acres of land


Approximately 50 apartments 

Tremendous capital appeciation

High demand location

Increase your portfolio today in a 

premium location

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